Outside Thinkers


Outside Thinkers is a collaborative working group of foundations and individuals who are committed to the environment.

Woodcock Foundation
Voila Foundation
National Enviromental Treasure

What We’re Working to Achieve

The common focus of all the Outside Thinkers is supporting Target 1, a once in a lifetime opportunity to protect both the environment and biodiversity in Canada, and by extension, the entire planet.

In 2010, Canada joined virtually every other nation in the world in a promise to protect biodiversity by permanently conserving 17% of the land within our borders by 2020. It’s the least we can do.

When Canada made the commitment, 10.6% of the country was protected.

As of April 2019, that number is just over 11%. In 9 years, virtually nothing has happened. More than 90 nations have already met the 17% target. More than 40 have exceeded it.

Canada ranks last among the G7 countries for the percentage of land under protection. In the global community, we are not even among the top 100 nations. As the second largest country in the world, our obligation to live up to our commitment has global implications.

Time is running out. We believe public awareness and demand for action is essential if we hope to achieve the 17% goal. We are working to bring Target 1 to the attention of everyday Canadians, and encouraging them to demand their elected officials follow through on our commitment.

We have no political agenda. We are doing this because we care about the planet, and the role Canada can play in protecting it.

We Urge You To Get Involved

Outside Thinkers invites anyone who shares our belief in conservation and biodiversity to join us in making Target 1 a national priority.

You can participate by clicking here to send a letter to your elected officials asking them to deliver Target 1 by 2020, fulfilling Canada’s global obligations.

You can learn more about Target 1, and the importance of conservation and biodiversity here:


You can also contact us at info@outsidethinkers.ca for more information about our efforts.